Sunday, September 19, 2010

Roadside Rescue

I once told Rob that if he bought me a Mercedes I would have ten (yes 10) children. We have it on video. That was a long time ago and before we had all the facts or should I say any facts about being parents.
On Friday my beloved "mom car" died. But the story really starts the day before. Job was asked to work a night shift to fix something in the women's locker room at work. They scoff when he tries to do it during the day. When he works nights he sometimes gets the next day off to sleep. Sometimes they make him work. This time he was getting Friday off. With that in mind Job decides to forgo sleep Friday morning and plan and prep for a final summer camping trip to the lake. The boys and I all had a half day at school and so we could head over the mountains early. When I got home he had borrowed a kayak (I've been begging for my own) and a trailer to tow it on and was completely packed to go, food and all. We headed over Stevens Pass. About 45 minutes from home, chugging up the pass the car stopped and smoke came pouring out from under the hood. Our camping trip was over and as we found out the next morning from Candito of Candito's auto body so was the life of the "mom car."
But, what do we do we do with two kids, a trailer, a dog, a dead car and us all safely on the side of the highway? My suggestion call a tow truck. Job says no way! So after brainstorming who would be home in the middle of the day with a car big enough to tow we found our heroes: one at home taking care of her children and one at Microsoft in HR. A friend of mine came and towed the trailer and took the boys and I home and the other left work and came and towed Job and Georgie (the dog) in the "mom car" to the shop. The only shop in Monroe Washington that could look at it on a Saturday. We got the call Saturday morning pronouncing the 8+ year old mom car DOA. Diagnosis: blown head gasket and cracked engine block.
After a day of car shopping and ten years after the original Mercedes agreement Rob bought me a Mercedes. It isn't what we set out to buy. It is used. For sure not new. And originally I wanted a white one. It is silver. But the best thing about this car is it has an engine that worksand a warranty. You'll also be glad to know that Job isn't holding me to our original agreement and the whole situation taught me a few things about myself. I'll share those another day.