Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boils- Really?

Every once in a while one of the boys gets a wart. A bumpy little funky fungus that protrudes from somewhere on their body. Compound W bandages and duct tape have worked so far. I thought My Little One was getting a few but no- I am not joking- he has boils on his legs. Immediately I thought of Job 2:7 (with some differences of course). He is Job's "mini-me" but this is ridiculous!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hole-y Water Batman!

It hasn't been the best of times here at the homestead. It has been a rough go and oh- I am thankful for distractions. Tonight we had another. Job and I and the fam are finally going on a vacation. We saved for a while and this spring had the funds to book the airline tickets and rent the car. On Wednesday we land in balmy Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! So tonight, in anticipation of the vacation, I began working on the pre-trip to-do list. I decided to tackle "wash the dog" (she's staying at her boyfriend's house and wants to be sparkly) while Rob charged and loaded the i-pods. I got the bum deal in that by the way. Anyway, I went up to the bathroom off Mason's room and plopped Georgie into the tub. While I bathed Georgie all the water was draining down three flights of wall leaving lovely holes in it wake. We tore out the drywall and luckily this cracked pipe decided to give while we were home and not while we were enjoying 88 degrees with a good chance of thunder showers. And Job thinks I am a pessimist!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I am Grateful for Goat Cheese

For a long time all the things that made Job, Job lay dormant. The hard times that we thought were behind us (or chose to ignore) and whose sharp edges that hurt had been eroded a little with time all in some way or another have resurfaced thanks to people with no morals or heart. And it hurts all over again. The things that were unbearable but eventually with prayer, laughter and a good dose of sarcasm became manageable have reared there ugly heads. Part of me yells, "Go ahead, BRING IT ON!" That is the part that remembers the sweet message calmly whispered to me in tough times, "you are strong." The other part pleads "Why me? Why us? Haven't we had ENOUGH?" I have always trusted in an inherent goodness in mankind though I'm not sure I had "faith in humanity" as the saying goes. If I did...I am quickly loosing it. Perhaps I need a simple change in focus (or a trip far away). I should remember the things I have, like Oprah's old gratitude journal. So here it is:
Day 1 - I am thankful for goat cheese, my boys, and a flower bed that needs to be finished- because that is the only thing that is getting me out of bed today.