Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project #10:My Naked Halloween Tree

I have dishes for all the major holidays, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and of course- HALLOWEEN! Unfortunately none have seen the light of day for years.  Going back to school kept me busy.  The only holiday that we decorated for was Christmas. Last year I have no excuse.  So we pulled out the Halloween boxes and put together the Halloween tree, put out the Halloween sofa pillows, bought pumpkins, made a great pumpkin centerpiece, and yes switched out the dishes. 

When we went to decorate the tree the ornaments were missing; no witches, and goblins and bats, OH MY! So I turned to Pinterest.  I found a few that I liked but decided to use craft supplies that I have and was inspired by ornaments at this link:

I added my own flair with fan-folded circles and some glitter.  Everything needs ribbon and some floral wire to hang them.  This admittedly took a little longer than I had thought it would. Not "carved out  book long" but long nonetheless and it only made seven  3” ornaments. Oh Well, better than a naked tree! 


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