Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Project # 8: The BEST Pinterest Post to Date

Mason loves to bake.  I haven't convinced him to take over dinner prep and if  I left him to do all the meal prep we would live off Little Smokies, watermelon, and pretzels. Yup pretzels.  Here is the link:
Here are some basic truths we have discovered about these pretzels:
  • They are easy enough for my ten year old to make on his own
  • They are better with more butter brushed on than the recipe says (but what isn't)
  • They are NOT good cold (only make what you can eat fresh and warm)
  • They are yummy with cinnamon sugar (and the salt)
  • Rob and Dallin are REALLY bad at shaping them
  • We could easily make these every Sunday for a month
  • I LOVE them!

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Kelly said...

nice! We are going to try these!