Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project #15: Canned Apple Pie Filling

My friend Katie is amazing. She sews, is on the PTA board, quilts, manages a play group of a million two year of boys and she cans.  We have canned together- salsa was my favorite (we were covered with tomato seeds).  This year I didn't do a lot of canning.  I still had peaches but Katie and I  one year did apple pie filling, which is THE easiest thing to use for dessert in a pinch- dump in dish, top with a steudle crumb, bake.  Trying to fill my day I decided to head over the mountains to find a good deal on apples. I headed toThorp.  They never let me down; honeycrisps for $14 a box. On a side note Thorp is really close to my college town, Ellensburg. Of course I stopped at Jerroll's book store, my old dorm and Campus-U-Tote Em for onion rings and a PB milk shake. BUT- back to apples! This year I needed to find a Pinterest recipe to can my apples (which after gass and shopping cost $150 for the box).   I'm not sure the recipe worked well.  The syrup was like set jello, one jar cracked in the canner, and two jars didn't seal.  One actually spewed syrupy goo like lava all over the table.  They are in the fridge waiting to be used. Needless to say I am currently scouring Pinterest for apple recipes for project #16.  There is a carmel apple cheesecake recipe that is high on the list!

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Diana Lovendino said...

It sounds too good. I'll take a bottle!