Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project #16: Swim Like Michael Phelps

Football is over.  We had our last games on Saturday.  So I started swim lessons.  Of course I was late because I had to shave my legs.  I almost forgot my swim shorts (no one should have to see my thighs that early in the morning).  I did  forget my bra.  A CWU hoodie covers a lot (or a little in some cases).  Luckily my swim instructor was also running behind schedule.  She asked us (me, Juan, Mike and- oh I forgot her name) what our goals were.  Mike wants to do a triathlon, Juan wants to perfect one stroke and whats-her-name wants to tread water. She needs more body fat not swim lessons.  My goal is to jump in a pool without plugging my nose.  I HATE getting my face wet. I got homework this week.  I am to blow bubbles with my face in the water.  We'll see how that goes.  I liked the suggestions on this site found of course on Pinterest.  I just happen to pay for my "swim buddy!"

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