Saturday, October 20, 2012

Project #13: Glitter Everywhere and More Halloween Ornaments

Katie found this post on Pinterest for me.
I really wanted to add them to the nearly naked Halloween tree.  They are made out of cheap white Christmas ornaments from the dollar store.  So off we went on our teacher furlough day to Monroe to go to the dollar store. 
Guess what? There were no white ornaments at the dollar store, even though retail Christmas is in full swing! What I did find didn't leave much room to be crafty.  They had pre-painted eyeballs; twelve in a pack.  They look like small-ish ping pong balls.  I guess you could float them in punch or something.  So I had  to craft them up.  I added glitter to the pupil and hot glued a wire hanger made again out of floral wire.  I hid the glob of hot glue with leftover purple ribbon.  Jōb said the ribbon looked like a bat perched on the eyeball.  I had hoped they would look like an eyebrow.  Oh well. My tree is less naked!

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